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Home Brewed Kombucha vs Store Bought Kombucha

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When Kombucha Finds You

For many, the spirit of Kombucha (aka spiritus fermenti bucha) first enters their life when they're not ready to identify with it and by one of the most boring portals - a grocery store. Luckily Kombucha can often be found bottled in funky organic and natural food stores, which at least puts a more positive spin on their adventure. 


And yet for some, Kombucha is mystified in child hood memory, something their old hippy aunt strangely drank, and all you remember is that it looked like an intimidating blob-like brown strandy goop sitting a top her fridge.

If you're fortunate enough, your parents were pseudo-hippy health nuts who let you drink it as a child. In our house we have fond memories of our toddlers singing "bucha bucha", which will hopefully become engrained in their memory as adults. Or perhaps you tried it once years ago as a young adult on a very different life path, and found it to be sour, repulsive, weird and strange, but now you're a different person on a different path. You've diverged from your conventional programming, and made changes to your diet, healthier choices, and your body intuitively knows what it needs.

Finally you're visiting a friend and they offer you some of their home brewed Kombucha. It's summer time, and they've just bottled up a batch. You notice a plain ceramic crock on top of their fridge, which they note was purposeless for years. Then you hear a slight 'pop' as they open a clear unlabeled pop-top bottle, igniting within a sense of wonder, like opening a bottle of Champagne for a special occasion.

When they pour you a small glass and pronounce a cheers to great friendship looking at you with enthusiastic anticipation, you reluctantly take a sip. KZAM! Your whole body tingles! your smell is enhanced, you take a calm breath and feel a sense of joy, as spiritus fermenti bucha inoculates your body with the love and patience with which your friend brewed their Kombucha.  

The cultures in your body rejoice with the new introduction of beneficial friends. Intuitively and without thinking, you impolitely drink the entire glass. "ow" claims your friend, "you must have really needed that!".

Kombucha isn't about schematics, scientific rigorous analysis or quaffing another drink from the organic grocery store. We encourage everyone to live Kombucha, to embrace the wave of spiritus fermenti bucha and create new experiences with friends, family, or your children. Admittedly, if store bought Kombucha is convenient and your only choice, consider slowing down, creating a ritual, and simply appreciating it's finer influence in your life. But of course, nothing beats a good story.

Bucha Love. 

Used with permission from the author, Toaray Von Dayme


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